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Dreame P10 cordless vacuum cleaner : test / review

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Dreame P10 cordless vacuum cleaner : test / review

Published on: 09-11-2021 / Modified: 13-04-2022

When I started this blog, I told myself that I had to choose products that I use on a daily basis because I didn't have time to start testing products that I don't usually use. I naturally started testing smartphones but I also tested many vacuum cleaners. These are probably less attractive products but they are no less useful.

I have tested several Dreame products and these products were high-end type products with a fairly high starting price. Dreame will now release two entry-level vacuums, the Dreame P10 and the Dreame P10 Pro. I tested the Dreame P10 but since the differences with the pro version are minimal, this test will also be valid for the pro version.

about Dreame

Dreame is a Chinese company that specializes in producing premium vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums. Dreame has taken on Dyson by marketing fairly similar products at a lower price. I have tested many products of this brand so far and I must say that they are of higher quality than other products I have tested. The Chinese top of the range, it is possible.

Dreame P10 launch offer on Aliexpress: Dreame P10 for 180€ (instead of 213)
Dreame P10 Pro launch offer on Aliexpress: Dreame P10 Pro at 208€ (instead of 245)

Additional gifts for the purchase of a Dreame P10:
Oclean X toothbrush for the first 50
Coupons and additional warranties for the next

Additional gifts for the purchase of a Dreame P10 Pro:
Free wall mount for the first 280
Oclean X toothbrush for the next 50
Additional coupons and warranties for the following


The Dreame P10 is an entry-level vacuum cleaner, so it's not surprising that the specs are "weaker" than more expensive vacuums. Although the autonomy is quite comparable to other vacuum cleaners, the suction power is less important. The pro version is a bit more powerful but still below the T range at Dreame. As I kept a Dreame T range, I will be able to compare them and evaluate if the power difference is a handicap.

Dreame P10
Autonomy: 50 min
Charging time: 2h30
Suction power: 100 AW
Motor rotation: 100 000 revolutions per minute
Weight: 1.63 kg
Tank capacity: 0.5l

Dreame P10 Pro
Autonomy: 60 min
Charging time: 3h30
Suction power: 130 AW
Motor rotation: 120 000 revolutions per minute
Weight: 1.63 kg
Tank capacity: 0.5l

FIND Power 12
Battery life: 60 min (level 1), 25 min (level 2), 10 min (level 3)
Charging time: 4+ hours
Suction power: 150 AW
Motor rotation: 125 000 rpm
Weight: 1.45 kg
Tank capacity: +/- 0.4l

Xiaomi Mi G9
Battery life: 60 min
Charging time: 3+ hours
Suction power: 120 AW
Motor rotation: 100 000 rpm
Weight: 1.6 kg
Tank capacity: +/- 0.6l

Dreame T20
Battery life: 70 min
Charging time: 4 hours
Suction power: 150 AW / 25000A
Motor rotation: 125 000 revolutions per minute
Weight: 1.6 kg
Tank capacity: 0.6l
The Dreame T20 also has a filtration system with 5 levels of filtration.


dreame p10 test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling photo sun 8

The packaging is very similar to what I've seen from other manufacturers, they all probably apply the same technique to occupy every square inch with their product. The Dreame P10 comes with less accessories than other vacuum cleaners, there is for example no brush for textiles.

The box contains:
- vacuum block with removable 0.5 liter tank
- removable battery
- wall bracket
- suction nozzle with brush (e.g. for keyboards)
- a charger
- extension tube
- user's manual

The Pro version contains a motorized brush for textiles in addition.


dreame p10 test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling photo sun 10

The Dreame P10 is not shaped like the T range, this Dreame reminds me of a laser gun from a sci-fi movie. The P10 is almost a perfect copy of the Trouver Power 12, I even found the Dreame brand on the accessories of the Trouver, so the similarity is not only visual. I don't see any advantage or disadvantage to this format.

dreame p10 test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling photo sun 12

The tank is removable, a simple press of a button is enough to open the flap that allows it to be emptied. It is also possible to separate the filter block for easy cleaning. The filter at the back of the tank can also be removed. The maintenance of this hoover will therefore not be very complicated but on the other hand its construction will probably require more frequent cleaning than a hoover of the T range. With this P10, dirt will quickly get behind the rubber membrane that surrounds the filter block and when this happens, it is no longer possible to empty the tank without removing the filter block.

dreame p10 test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling photo sun 15

The main brush is motorised and covered with a carpet-like layer. Unlike the Trouver Power 12, this brush will not pull you forward as if you were walking a dog. However, if you turn up the suction to maximum and make a turn with the brush, the air ejected by the brush will lift it. This Dreame may not be as powerful as the others but it can still lift its own brush.

The brush roller can be removed for cleaning, so you can also clean the inside of the brush.

dreame p10 test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling photo sun 16

The nozzle can be used to suck up dirt in hard to reach areas such as the space between two cushions in a chair. The brush allows you to scrub the surface in addition to vacuuming, I mainly use it to clean my keyboards.

dreame p10 test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling photo sun 21

The brush connectors have a different shape, so you won't be able to use T-series accessories on this P10. However, as the connectors are the same as for the Trouver Power 12, I tried the Trouver brush on the Dreame and it works!

dreame p10 test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling photo sun 26

The screen allows you to select the suction strength, there are 3 levels of suction. You can also lock the suction button so that you don't have to keep your finger on it throughout your cleaning session. This may not seem like a big deal, but keeping your finger pressed on a trigger for ten minutes (or more) is quite annoying.

dreame p10 test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling photo sun 22

The battery is removable, it can be charged directly on the hoover or through the wall mount.

Suction test

I tested the suction strength on 3 different types of surfaces. For the tiles and carpet I use breadcrumbs, for the keyboard it's just the dust that settles.


youtube previewyoutube preview

I went over these bread crumbs with the maximum suction force and I see that the hoover has no problem sucking up these bread crumbs and delivering them to its tank. The bread crumbs do not get stuck in the brush, the opening is big enough to suck them in. On the other hand, you can see that the first pass throws bread crumbs in all directions, so you have to extend the suction area to pick them up. Even though this Dreame P10 is less powerful than other vacuums I've tested, it has no trouble sucking up those bread crumbs.


youtube previewyoutube preview

The brush is used here to go between the keys and suck up surface dust. It will not, however, loosen the dust that is embedded in the keys.


youtube previewyoutube preview

Despite the lower power of this hoover, I find it does well on carpets too. I sometimes had trouble holding the carpet in place as the rotating brush took the carpet with it. The bread crumbs were also sucked up after several passes but if you look closely at the carpet you will see that the Dreame's passage has an effect on the carpet dust too, its passage leaves a darker trace on the carpet. A priori this is normal except that I had been over the same carpet with another hoover before, so the Dreame went deep into the dust to properly vacuum the carpet.

Noise level

youtube previewyoutube preview

I got a volume between 78 and 90 decibels depending on the suction mode used. The low end of this range is a little higher than average but the high end is on par with other vacuums I've tested.


The autonomy varies greatly depending on the suction mode used. In mode 1 (weakest suction), the autonomy is between 40 and 50 minutes but if you use mode 3 (maximum suction), the autonomy is going to be more between 10 and 15 minutes maximum.


The Dreame P10 is the first entry level hoover I've tested in the Dreame range and when you say entry level you might expect a lesser product but this is not really the case. Technically speaking this Dreame is less powerful than the others but for normal daily use I didn't notice any big differences. There is a scattering effect on contact with the dirt as with the bread crumbs in the video of this test but you just have to pass the hoover around again to recover what has been ejected. I found this hoover to be quite effective on carpets too and its lower suction is an advantage here as a hoover that is too powerful will end up taking the carpet with it or getting stuck in it. I have never blocked the P10 on a hoover, whereas with a T20 or T30, the second level of suction is already too powerful for carpets.

The Dreame P10 is light, easy to handle and has a decent autonomy for regular cleaning. If I have to find weaknesses I would say that the tank is probably too small and the rubber membrane almost forces you to remove the tank for cleaning. I find the charging time quite long but that's the same with other hoovers I've tested.

The accessories of the P10 do not work on the T20/T30 and vice versa but I was able to use the accessories of the Trouver Power with the Dreame.


Build quality
Sufficient suction power for everyday household tasks (crumbs, dust, hair, ...)

Negative points

Tank a little too small

Head of myself on this blog

I share my passions on my blog in my free time since 2006, I prefer that to watching nonsense on TV or on social networks. I work alone, I am undoubtedly one of the last survivors of the world of blogs and personal sites.

My speciality? Digital in all its forms. I have spent the last 25 years working for multinationals where I managed digital teams and generated revenues of over €500 million per year. I have expertise in telecoms, media, aviation, travel and tourism.
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