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Tests of smartphones, projectors, bicycles, etc.

Lankeleisi RV 800 Plus 750W: test / review
I tested the Lankeleisi RV800 Plus with my usual test structure to help you determine if this bike is right for your needs and expectations.
Dwarf 3 Telescope: test / review
Set out to conquer the stars while staying quite comfortably in your living room? It's possible with the Dwarf 3 electronic telescope, the Orion Nebula is just a few clicks from you.
Philips Screeneo UL5 video projector: test / review
Philips is not the best-known player in the world of video projectors but they are innovating with the Screeneo UL5...a portable triple laser UST!
Lankeleisi X3000 Max: test / review
The Lankeleisi X3000 Max is a thick brute, it will propel you to almost 50 km/h with its two 1000W motors and its torque of 90 Nm. Hang in there!
Vakole electric bike : promo -300€
If you want to buy a folding electric bike, now is the time with this promo. With the promo code you get a total discount of over 300€
Samsung Galaxy A25 5G: test / review
I haven't tested an entry-level Samsung in a few years due to a lack of time, but now I'm going to get back to it with the A25 and compare it with its Chinese rivals.
Formovie Theater: test / review / calibration
Test complet du Formovie Theater et comparaison à armes égales avec son concurrent le plus direct
POCO F6 Pro: full test and review
POCO has brought out the heavy artillery to tickle the top of the range of other brands... power, elegance and a new camera. A success or a damp squib?
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 test/review
Prices are going up for everything, but up until now Redmi has always managed to sell its entry-level models for around €200, without any great innovation. Is this still the case?
XGIMI Mogo 2 Pro review / test
I had tested the first Mogo and I was amazed by the capacity of this small battery projector, 2 years later here is its successor. Will it be able to do better?
Redmi Note 13 Pro : test and review (photo quality)
The Redmi Note 13 Pro raises the bar with even more performance, a great screen and a 200-megapixel photo sensor. Just marketing or a real bargain?
Telescope Seestar S50: test / review
Got your head in the stars but don't have the time or inclination to spend setting up a real telescope? Then the Seestar S50 is for you. Choose your object and let the telescope do the rest!
Viewsonic X2 4k projector: test and review
On paper, the Viewsonic X2 4k projector has all the qualities you could wish for: it's bright, it has good contrast and it's great for gaming. What does it lack?
Kospet Tank T2 : test / review
Kospet has come a long way since I started testing watches from this brand, and this time it's in terms of finish that Kospet is making a leap forward.
Optoma UHD38x 4k projector: test / review
Contrast, light, colour... the Optoma UHD38x has all the qualities needed to become your next video projector. Discover its strengths and weaknesses.
Dangbei Atom : test/review
Portable projectors are all the rage, but success stories are few and far between. The Formovie S5 paved the way for success, and this Dangbei Atom could well follow in its footsteps.
Xgimi Horizon: test / review (+ vs Horizon Pro)
I started my adventure in the world of projectors with Xgimi with the H1, I will now test my 4th Xgimi projector with the Horizon (and the comparison with the Pro)
XGIMI Halo+ test and review
The XGIMI Halo+ looks like an XGIMI Horizon cut in half but fortunately the quality and functionality has not been split in two.
Urtopia Carbon One : test / review
The Urtopia should reconcile geeks with cycling. This bike is a connected electric bike made entirely of carbon fibre. Futuristic look, connected bike, ...it speaks to me!
Lankeleisi MG600 Plus
The Lankeleisi mg600 Plus offers power and torque in all conditions without sacrificing comfort, and is ready for adventure!
Honor Magic6 Lite 5G : test / review
A sober, premium and elegant design... a huge photo sensor, good performance, the Honor Magic 6 Lite has everything to please... in theory anyway!
Dwarf II smart telescope: test / review
I bought the Dwarf II Smart Telescope through crowdfunding and I have now received it. Was it worth the wait? Will it produce nice pictures?
JMGO N1 Ultra : test / review
JMGO hits hard (in theory) with its new N1 Ultra projector. A little over 1000€ for a racing beast, it seems unreal.
Thundeal TDA6 : test / review
The Thundeal TDA6 is an LCD projector that I bought for less than €200. Can it compete with the mid-range DLP?
XGIMI Horizon Ultra : test / review
The XGIMI Horizon range has been around for 2 years and the competition has had time to react, but this new XGIMI Horizon Ultra will set the record straight.
Zendure SuperBase V solar battery: my opinion
You want to live off the grid or be able to stack battery power at home? The new Zendure SuperBase V might be a good solution for you.
Formovie S5: test / review
The Formovie S5 is shaking up the portable projector market with a laser source, excellent sound and ridiculous power consumption.
Honor 90 Lite: test / review
Honor has undergone a number of changes in recent years and I hadn't yet had the opportunity to test one of their latest-generation smartphones.
Lefant P1 : test / review
Small but strong, the Lefant P1 goes everywhere thanks to its small size but without compromising on its suction power.
NothingProjector écran ALR black series : test/review
Are you wondering whether an ALR screen will do anything for you? I've tested the NothingProjector Black Series with a range of measurements to demonstrate its usefulness.
Thundeal TD98 review / test
This is the first time I test a projector from this brand while it has been around for quite some time. Nice discovery or complete flop?
HumbleBundle.com test & review
HumbleBundle offers game bundles for a ridiculously low price and it's totally legit. Is it really a good deal or is there a catch?
Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 : test / review
I usually test entry or mid-range projectors but this time I broke my piggy bank to test the top of the top with this Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2
XGIMI Elfin: full review
The XGIMI Elfin is a portable 1080p projector that theoretically combines all the qualities of a normal projector, will this Elfin be another success?
BenQ TH575 projector : test / review / price
This BenQ projector is a 1080p lamp projector designed for gamers and sold at an affordable price, it's also the first BenQ I've tested.
Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 : test / review
Xiaomi hasn't released any tablets for a few years, but the brand is back on the scene with the Mi Pad 5, which has the iPad in its sights.
Chuwi Hipad Plus: test / review
I haven't tested any tablets for my blog yet but this new iPad clone was very interesting, so I thought it might be a good opportunity to test this kind of product.
Dreame T30 vacuum cleaner: test / review
I bought the Dreame T20 in crowdfunding and I was really happy with my purchase, I thought I should continue and I will now test the Dreame T30.
Hello everyone! I am a blogger passionate about new technologies and travel. On my blog, I offer detailed and objective tests of various products, with a unique testing protocol to give you a precise idea of their performance. Today, I will introduce four products that caught my attention: the Lankeleisi X3000 Max electric bike, the Redmi Note 13 smartphone, the Viewsonic X2 4k projector, the XGIMI Halo+, and the Formovie S5 projector. The Lankeleisi X3000 Max is a high-end electric bike that offers a comfortable and powerful ride thanks to its 1000W motor. With a range of 80 km and a maximum speed of 40 km/h, it is ideal for urban commutes or rides in nature. I was impressed by its robustness and maneuverability, as well as its many practical features such as the disc brake system and the LCD screen to track your speed and distance traveled. Now, let's move on to the Redmi Note 13, an affordable yet powerful smartphone. With its 6.53-inch screen and 48 MP rear camera, it offers a quality visual and photographic experience. I was also pleasantly surprised by its 5020 mAh battery, which offers impressive battery life. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable smartphone, the Redmi Note 13 is an excellent choice. For home cinema enthusiasts, I tested the Viewsonic X2 4k projector. With its 4K resolution and laser projection technology, it offers exceptional image quality. I also appreciated its compatibility with mobile devices and its ease of use thanks to its intuitive remote control. If you want to create your own home cinema, the Viewsonic X2 4k is a great investment. Finally, I also tested the XGIMI Halo+ and the Formovie S5 projectors, two portable projectors that offer impressive image and sound quality. The XGIMI Halo+ is equipped with a Harman Kardon audio system and a 1080p resolution, while the Formovie S5 offers 4K resolution and a brightness of 2000 lumens. These two projectors are perfect for outdoor movie nights or for professional use. In addition to my product tests, I also share practical travel guides on my blog. I have chosen to focus on three destinations that I particularly love: Scotland, France, and Switzerland. You will find tips and recommendations to discover these countries in an authentic and off-the-beaten-path way. I hope this brief introduction has made you want to discover my blog and my detailed articles on these products and destinations. Feel free to leave me a comment to share your thoughts and subscribe to not miss any of my upcoming tests and travel guides. See you soon on my blog!
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