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Yeedi 2 Hybrid +KC650 / k700 test / review

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Yeedi 2 Hybrid price
First start
Configuration with the app
First test / automatic mode
Second test / automatic mode
Personalized test / zone targeting
Operating noise
Google Assistant / Alexa
My opinion
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Yeedi 2 Hybrid +KC650 / k700 test / review

Published on: 27-04-2021 / Modified: 13-12-2021
I usually test smartphones or projectors but I diversified a bit by testing everyday objects that could be as useful as a phone. I let myself be tempted by a few connected objects, going from the camera to the toothbrush. This time I'm going to tackle a robot vacuum cleaner / cleaner and obviously this kind of vacuum cleaner has nothing to do with the type vacuum cleaner that our parents used 20 years ago, they are products for geeks. I had already bought a robot vacuum cleaner of this type about 5 years ago, I still use it today. The Yeedi 2 Hybrid that I will test in this article is more sophisticated than the one I have at home, it not only allows you to vacuum and clean (at the same time) but it maps its environment and has many configuration possibilities. .

I am going to test the Yeedi 2 Hybrid robot vacuum cleaner / cleaner but a large part of this test will also be valid for the Yeedi K650 and K700 models. Here is an overview of the differences between these different models:

Yeedi K650

The Yeedi K650 corresponds to the entry level, it is the The cheapest robot vacuum in the Yeedi range at the time of this writing. Here are some characteristics:
- function: vacuum cleaner
- suction power: 2000pa
- dust tank capacity: 800ml
- 56 dB in silent mode
- 130 minutes of autonomy

Price: € 199 Price with coupon: 129.99 € Promo code: QEX8CEXL Link: Amazon

Yeedi K700

The Yeedi K700 is a vacuum cleaner and cleaner robot using a camera to locate itself and map its environment. Here are some characteristics:
- function: vacuum cleaner and cleaner
- suction power: 2000pa
- dust container: 600 ml
- autonomy 110 minutes

Price: 259.99 € Price with coupon: 189.99 € Promo code: automatic application in the basket Link: Amazon

Yeedi 2 Hybrid
The Yeedi 2 Hybrid is a robot vacuum cleaner and cleaner using a camera to find your way around and map your environment. This model combines the best of the other two models with greater suction power (2500 pa), reduced operating noise, 200min autonomy and control by the application or Alexa / Google. The dust container has a capacity of 430ml and the water tank has a capacity of 240ml

SPECIAL OFFER / Yeedi 2 Hybrid
Price: 299.99 € Price with coupon: 229.99 € Promo code: SRBEPIHL Link: Amazon

Yeedi 2 Hybrid price


yeedi 2 hybrid k650 k700 test avis review recensione bewertung analisis 1
When I receive parcels, the postman can often content himself with passing the parcel over my fence and most of the time he does it with one hand . When I received the Yeedi 2 Hybrid, I had to open the fence for it because the Yeedi 2 Hybrid is quite large (47x40cm) and quite heavy (over 5 kg). My "old" iLife robot vacuum was barely bigger than a plate. The box contains the robot, two brushes for the vacuum cleaner that it suffices to push on the support provided for this purpose (each brush has its color, you can't go wrong), a dust tank, a dust tank water, a reusable mop, a few disposable mops and a docking station.

First start

yeedi 2 hybrid k650 k700 test avis review recensione bewertung analisis 6
The Yeedi 2 Hybrid is an ultra simple product to use, it is not the kind of product for which you need a manual (even if a manual is delivered in the box), you just have to turn it on (button under the hood) and then press the start button. The vacuum cleaner / cleaner robot will then go exploring to map your home. You don't have to use any app to use it, it can work completely stand-alone. On the other hand, the application will help you configure it, so you can choose a cleaning program, choose the intensity, create cleaning / exclusion zones, schedule cleanings, ... I will come back to the application in more detail. later in this article.


yeedi 2 hybrid k650 k700 test avis review recensione bewertung analisis 10
The Yeedi 2 Hybrid robot vacuum cleaner is circular like all robots of this type, its design is refined because apart from the ignition button and the camera, the surface The upper of the Yeedi 2 Hybrid is completely smooth. Its surface has also been treated to resist dog / cat claws in case your pet mistakes the robot for a playmate.
yeedi 2 hybrid k650 k700 test avis review recensione bewertung analisis 15
The hood lifts at the touch of a button, it allows access to the button ignition button and the wifi network connection button. It is also under the hood that you will find the dust container and the water tank. Both are very easy to remove.
yeedi 2 hybrid k650 k700 test avis review recensione bewertung analisis 20
The dust container is large enough for this kind of product, it is at least twice the size of my iLife robot vacuum. It is equipped with two series of filters to retain dust and allergens, these are HEPA filters which can be cleaned.
yeedi 2 hybrid k650 k700 test avis review recensione bewertung analisis 16
The water tank is placed at the back of the robot, this allows the robot to vacuum and clean at the same time because the suction is done at the front of the robot and the cleaning is done at the 'back. The mop must be attached below the tank. You have to feed the tank with purified water, I imagine it's a bit like an iron, you have to protect the robot against lime. It is best to attach the mop before filling the tank because even if the tank is airtight, a few drops may escape if you turn it over to install the mop.

youtube previewyoutube preview

Configuration with the app

I used a Samsung phone for this test but it doesn't matter because the Yeedi app is available for all Android and iOS phones. It is therefore necessary to start by downloading the application and installing it. You will then need to create an account with Yeedi. The configuration of the vacuum robot is very simple. After creating your account, you must connect your application to your wifi network. The application will detect active wifi networks, just choose your network and enter your password. Just a small note, the robot works in 2.4Ghz, so you must choose a wifi network using this frequency. After connecting the application to wifi, you must connect to the robot to associate it with your application but this is done automatically, just follow the instructions on the screen.

I had never heard of Yeedi before testing this product and I am amazed by the quality of this application, even the translations of the texts are good. The app is well designed, I didn't have any problem setting up the robot and it doesn't take more than 2 minutes.

First test / automatic mode

yeedi 2 hybrid k650 k700 test avis review recensione bewertung analisis 7
The Yeedi 2 Hybrid is a robot vacuum that must first understand the environment in which it is located to be effective. It is therefore advisable to open the doors, pick up any objects lying around on the floor, remove chairs or anything that could hinder the robot. I didn't use the app to start the robot for the first time, I just hit the start button. The robot first rubbed its docking station a bit but it quickly went looking for a wall and after finding a wall it began to walk through the first room, gradually moving away from the first wall he encountered. Unlike my previous robot, the Yeedi 2 Hybrid mostly travels in a straight line until it hits an obstacle, then it tries to get back into a straight path to create parallel stripes. My previous robot was going all over the place from the start.

The first test lasted 65 minutes for an area of 43m². The battery was not empty but the robot felt that its work was done, so it returned to its docking station on its own. The robot correctly mapped the rooms to which I had given it access, there are some shifts in the drawing of the walls but it comes from furniture which blocked access to the wall.

With this first map, you have a diagram of your home and an indication of the vacuuming. I had used the lowest suction level and for cleaning I had used the lowest water level as well. The dust container was full, the water container still contained over 50% water. As a whole, the suction worked well because all the little everyday grime was gone. The stains on the floor on the other hand were not cleaned properly and some came from my presence. I followed the robot to film it but since it leaves a trail of water behind it, I walked on the wet ground and created footprints while following the robot. Although there were a few stains left, the dirt was clearly visible on the mop.

Second test / automatic mode

The day after the first test, I restarted the robot in automatic mode but increasing the suction power and increasing the use of water. The robot knows the places, it does not have to search any more and it sets off directly to browse the rooms by following parallel strips. The water drag is here more important and the robot also makes more noise because of the higher suction level. The trail of water is clearly more visible:

yeedi 2 hybrid k650 k700 photo 4
The robot travels through the parts by drawing parallel strips but by partially returning to the previous strip, this avoids leaving trails of water. This second test lasted 63 minutes for the same surface. The dust container was almost empty, but the mop was dirtier than the day before.
yeedi 2 hybrid k650 k700 photo 5
The cleaning was more efficient than the day before but I found that some of the footprints I left were still visible.
yeedi 2 hybrid k650 k700 photo 6
To try to remedy the problem, I switched to custom mode to specifically target areas that were still dirty.

Personalized test / zone targeting

Once the robot has mapped your home, you can give a name to the different zones (ex: bathroom, kitchen, ...), this allows you to have the robot take care of a single area rather than cleaning the entire house. You can go even further by selecting an area manually, you must create a rectangle on the map of your home and the robot will move towards this area to start cleaning.

I have found this feature particularly useful because sometimes you don't need to run a full cleaning program. If your child or pet has spilled something on the ground, you can send the robot directly to this area. I was positively surprised by the speed at which the robot finds the affected area, it does not bump everywhere on the road, it gets straight to the point (unless you have changed the position of your furniture.

For this custom test, I had set the robot to mop mode because the vacuum had already done its job. I also asked it to pass twice in the designated area to be sure to clean well. , the result?
yeedi 2 hybrid k650 k700 photo 7
The footprints have disappeared, the second pass of the robot was more efficient. I have some stains in the kitchen on the other hand that the robot did not manage to remove even after two passages and this is where the limits of the robot are located. If tough stains (eg fruit juice) have time to dry, the robot will not necessarily succeed in cleaning them. The robot however managed to find its base after each cleaning session, so the tracking is really effective.

The robot vacuum cleaner is efficient. ace for all everyday dust and it is also effective for hair, hair, animal feed, bird seed or feathers. The robot sometimes struggles in the corners to be sure to have passed everywhere and the result is really good.

The robot cleaner is effective for superficial stains such as footprints (feet or paws) or liquids that have been spilled recently. If the robot is used regularly, it will allow you to space the cleaning of your home but it certainly will not be able to replace a person for the tougher stains. It cannot replace cleaning with a cleaning product because it does not pick up the water it spills.

Operating noise

The Yeedi 2 Hybrid is not very noisy in standard mode, I measured between 50 and 55 dB at 1 meter from the vacuum cleaner, so it can run during the night provided you do not sleep near the vacuum cleaner. It is also important to reduce the volume of the voice because the vacuum cleaner is chatty and could wake you up to let you know that it has finished its work. If you use the highest suction mode, the noise will increase beyond 70 dB. My old robot vacuum was above 70dB in all conditions, so that's a positive change for me.


Yeedi announces an autonomy of 200 minutes but I think that is a little optimistic. My 43m² cleaning area was cleaned in 63 minutes. I had started the cleaning with 100% battery and finished it with about 15%. Obviously, my first tests certainly consumed more energy because I tried all the functions of the vacuum cleaner.


The Yeedi 2 Hybrid is blocked in the event of problems. During my first test, the vacuum cleaner sucked up a textile clamp that my son probably left lying around somewhere. The gripper got stuck in the rotary system of the vacuum cleaner and it got stuck. The vacuum cleaner warned me vocally and through the app that it was blocked, it does it three times and then stops. To solve the problem, just open the hatch under the vacuum cleaner, take out the rotary system, clean it and put it back. Please put the vacuum cleaner back where it left off otherwise it may no longer find its bearings.


The Yeedi 2 Hybrid obviously does not like competition, it pushed my old robot vacuum to the side and took away its charging station. home to prevent it from recharging.

yeedi vs ilife

Google Assistant / Alexa

I tried to connect the robot vacuum to my Google Home network but it never appeared in the list of discoverable devices. This is the sort of thing that could still change after an update. I don't have an Alexa-based system at home, so I couldn't test this possibility.

My opinion

I had never heard of Yeedi before testing this product, it is a new brand and yet I am impressed by the maturity of the product. The robot vacuum market was once dominated by traditional brands but today many Chinese brands have emerged and offer complete products capable of competing with them.

The Yeedi 2 Hybrid is not just a beautiful object, it offers an effective suction force and its guiding program allows it to pick up dust in the corners that were ignored by my previous robot. The Yeedi attacks your home with a very systematic approach, traversing the rooms in parallel strips. As soon as he meets an obstacle he will try to determine its shape to clean the entire area around the obstacle. The location of furniture is quite effective.

The Yeedi application allows you to use your robot even better by configuring the suction force, the water level to use and the areas to clean. Even if the robot can work without the application, the application brings real added value and I have not encountered any bugs.


- good suction force
- efficient cleaning algorithm, ability to bypass obstacles and clean in corners
- reduced operating noise in standard mode
- ease of use
- very practical application
- saves a lot of time for everyday dirt


- the robot is big enough, so it will not go everywhere
- the robot is quite heavy but a priori you will not have to handle it
- cleaning with a mop will not replace a human being for tough stains
- the second passage in personalized mode does not go everywhere

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