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Govee Hexa Light – LED decoration with music

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Where to buy Govee Hexa Light panels?
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Govee Hexa Light – LED decoration with music

Published on: 02-11-2021 / Modified: 08-11-2021

The festive season is coming and you will probably be inundated with advertisements for decoration products and in particular for lighting products such as LED ribbons that are everywhere during the month of December. I found an original lighting product that will survive the festive season because it is so customizable that you can change the atmosphere of your home according to your desires.

I tested the Govee Hexa Light which consists of an assembly of LED panels in the shape of honeycombs, you can create almost any shape you want and change the lighting according to your mood. These LED light panels can be lit statically or dynamically, they can actually be animated with music.

Where to buy Govee Hexa Light panels?

You can find Govee Hexa Light panels on the official website: Goovee.com(use code GOHEXA to get an extra discount)
Or find all Govee products on Amazon: Amazon


govee hexa light led music test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling 1

The Govee Hexa Light box contains ten light panels, connectors to link the panels, a wall socket connector, a switch, a spirit level and a plastic base to help with assembly. I wondered why Govee had added a spirit level but soon found out why when I started assembling the panels. This spirit level will help to place your panels with the right orientation to avoid going off in all directions.


govee hexa light led music test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling 10

If you are not very handy, this product is for you. Assembly is very simple but before you get started, you need to understand how these LED panels work. Let's take a look at the back of the panel to fully understand how the connections work.
govee hexa light led music test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling 11

There are 6 connectors on the back of each panel, all but one of which are numbered. The connector with the arrow should always receive the power. The numbered connectors will pass the light to the other panels. So you should always start with the arrowed connector, then connect the numbered connector of your panel with the arrowed connector of the next panel.

Here is an example.
govee hexa light led music test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling 17

The cords that connect two panels are all arrowed, you must ensure that the arrow is on top as shown in the image. Here the cord starts at output 1 of the first panel and goes into the arrowed connector of the second panel.

Attention: although it is possible to transmit light from one panel to several panels, the application does not allow to create a logic from one panel to several panels. The assembly is always between two panels, so you must think of your assembly as a line (not necessarily straight) where one panel will transmit light to only one other panel. You must take this restriction into account before mounting the panels.
However, there is a trick to connecting multiple panels to a single panel and getting through the configuration stage successfully. As I was not aware of the assembly restriction, my assembly was not linear, it was going in two different directions and so I got stuck at the first configuration. The solution is very simple. You configure a first line to the end of one of your "branches", save the result, see if the light transmits and then remove panels in the application to go back to the panel that serves as the switch. From there you follow the other path. The path you removed through the app will not be forgotten by the panels. You will see in the demo video below that my setup goes in two different directions.

govee hexa light led music test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling 18

When two panels are assembled and lit, you will notice that the connecting cord is too long. This is not a problem, this cord is made to be bent under the light panel, so you can bring the panels together to bend the cord in half and run it under the panels.

I advise you to assemble your panels on the floor before gluing them to the wall, this will avoid any unpleasant surprises, and you can also better evaluate the final result. When you glue the first panel, don't forget to use the spirit level, otherwise you will have an unbalanced assembly.

The Govee app is easy to use, it allows you to set up the panels one by one, there is even an explanatory video to help you with the assembly.


I've taken a few screenshots of what is possible to do in the Govee app but I find a video is much more telling.

Here are some screenshots:

Here is the demonstration video:
youtube previewyoutube preview

I wanted to create a plant-like shape much like a growing plant and as you can see, this setup results in the light splitting into two separate paths. The application does not allow you to set up a configuration of this type without using the trick described in the previous paragraph. All the configurations proposed by Govee are therefore more linear.

You can then play with the lighting effects to obtain the desired effect. You can light up the centre of the panel or the edges, you can use single colours or gradients, you can use preconfigured atmospheres or let your creation come alive with the