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Edwaybuy review: is it trustworthy?

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Edwaybuy - the concept
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Edwaybuy review: is it trustworthy?

Published on: 09-07-2020 / Modified: 09-07-2020
Edwaybuy is a Chinese site selling mainly smartphones and connected watches. The catalog is not very large, Edwaybuy sells mainly Xiaomi, Amazfit or Realme products. This site is not at all comparable to Aliexpress or Gearbest, Edwaybuy looks more like a small shop where an Aliexpress would represent a supermarket. I didn't know about this site until I made my first purchase there.

official website: Edwaybuy

Edwaybuy - the concept

Edwaybuy is a Chinese e-commerce website specialized in a very small product range. Unlike Aliexpress, Gearbest or Amazon, you will not find all the products on Edwaybuy. Edwaybuy is not either a marketplace connecting sellers and buyers like Aliexpress, all products are managed directly by Edwaybuy, so you have only one contact for all your requests.

Why Edwaybuy?

As I wrote above, I didn't know Edwaybuy at all before I bought my first product from them. It was the price that motivated my decision to buy. I had decided to buy the Redmi Note 9 to test it on my blog and at the time I bought it, Edwaybuy was the cheapest and offered delivery from stock in Germany. I thought I would give it a try and I must say I was positively surprised.

Apart from the price, Edwaybuy has a large stock in Europe, I received my Redmi Note 9 just 3 days after I ordered it. To get a product this quickly is very rare from a Chinese site. In addition to the stock in Europe, Edwaybuy offers 2 years free repair, no other Chinese site was doing it at the time of writing.


Edwaybuy offers several types of warranties and it is important to understand what these warranties mean before you buy. On sites like Gearbest, warranties are sometimes elusive, so always be careful.

30 days warranty / refund

If you are disappointed with your purchase, you have the option to return the purchased product within 30 days of purchase. The return costs are at your expense and the device must be in perfect condition. The speech is quite clear and it is the only Chinese site that offers 30 days, it's even more than Amazon.

30 days guarantee / exchange

If, as in the previous point, you are disappointed with the product, you can return it to get another one. In this case you must also cover the cost of the return and you can re-use the money from the refund to buy something else on their site.

2 year warranty / free repair

If the product fails within 2 years of purchase, you can return it for repair. Here too, the shipment is at your expense. This warranty does not cover damage caused by your use, so it only covers breakdowns. In order to claim this warranty you will have to take photos and if possible videos to illustrate the problem before sending the product back. This kind of warranty seems to be very attractive especially for a Chinese site but I would just like to add a little nuance. The warranty text does not explain what happens when a product cannot be repaired. On Gearbest, if a product cannot be repaired, they refund you a part of the value of the product. I don't know if this is the case with Edwaybuy but ask if you are unsure.

I asked Edwaybuy customer service. The warranty is a two year European warranty, the return is not in China but in Europe. These are very important elements that make Edwaybuy more interesting than other Chinese sites.

Cancellation before shipment

If after paying you have any doubts or if you have changed your mind, you have the possibility to cancel the order provided it has not already been sent.

Customer account

The Edwaybuy site is quite basic and simple in its approach, I find that the interface is very clear. The customer account is also simple, you don't have a lot of useless things like on other Chinese sites. There is no loyalty program but this kind of thing is only interesting when you order a lot.

edwaybuy avis opinion review recensione account

Delivery time

Delivery time is usually the weak point of Chinese sites, this is not the case for Edwaybuy as they have stock in Germany (this is usually mentioned in the delivery options). My first order arrived in a few days, it had never happened to me before with a Chinese site.

Customs tax

When you buy from European stock, not only do you benefit from fast delivery, but you also avoid customs duties, which is an undeniable advantage!

What to buy on Edwaybuy

The offer is quite limited, so you won't be able to buy many products. Edwaybuy sells mainly smartphones from Xiaomi (Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9s, Mi 10 Lite, ...) and Realme (Realme 5, Realme 6, ...). You will also find some connected watches from Amazfit and some other products like Xiaomi vacuum cleaners or surveillance cameras. Edwaybuy is thus specialized in a more restricted domain than sites like Gearbest or Aliexpress.

promo code / coupon / discounts

Edwaybuy gave me access to a list of promo codes, I will try to automate the update so that you can find the good deals on this page.

Dreame V10 Akku-Stabstaubsauger 22000Pa Suction Global Version-White DREAMEV10EDWB
Dreame V9 Akku-Staubsauger 20000 Pa Suction Global Version - Weiß CHINAHANDYS6
Realme 5 Pro Eu Version 4G + 128G - Sparkling Blue / Crystal Green CHINAHANDYS10
Realme 5 Pro Eu Version 8g+128g - Funkelndes Blau / Kristallgrün CHINAHANDYS10
Realme X2 EU Version 8G+128G - Perlblau / Perlweiß CHINAHANDYS12
realme x2 pro 8GB+128GB CHINAHANDYS16
Redmi Note 8 4GB 128 GB global Version--EU-Stecker Versand aus Deutschland CHINAHANDYS5
Redmi Note 8 4GB 64 GB global Version--EU-Stecker Versand aus Deutschland CHINAHANDYS5
Redmi Note 8 Pro 6GB RAM 64GB ROM Global Version Versand aus Deutschland CHINAHANDYS13
Redmi Note 8 Pro 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Global Version Versand aus Deutschland CHINAHANDYS13
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Overall Version 6GB+128 GB CHINAHANDYS8
Xiaomi Mijia 1C 2 in 1 Kehrroboter Staubsauger Visual Dynamische Navigation VSLAM EU-Version MIJIA1CEDWB
Xiaomi Mijia Elektroroller Pro 45km Laufleistung EU Edition-Schwarz Polen Versand PROEDWB
Redmi Note 9S Smartphone Quad Kamera 4GB+64GB EU Version-- Aurora Blau / Glacier Weiß / Interstellar Grau EDWBNOTE9S64
Redmi Note 9S Smartphone Quad Kamera 6GB+128GB EU Version-- Aurora Blau / Glacier Weiß / Interstellar Grau EDNOTE9S128
realme 6 64 MP 4GB+128GB EU Version-Komet Blau/Comet Weiß EDWBREALME6128
realme 6 64 MP 4GB+64GB EU Version-Komet Blau/Comet Weiß EDWBREALME64
realme 6 64 MP 8GB+128GB EU Version-Komet Blau/Comet Weiß EDWBREALME68128
realme Buds Air EU Version TWS Kopfhörer mit Wireless Charging-- Weiß/ Schwarz/Gelb EDWBBUDSAIR
Shunzao Z11 Xiaomi Eco Kabelloser Handstaubsauger 26000Pa Stark saugend EU-Version--Weiß/Schwarz EDWAYBUYZ11
Shunzao Z11 Pro Xiaomi Eco Kabelloser Handstaubsauger 26000Pa Starker Sog Tiefenentfernung Milbe Brus Selbstreinigendes Haar EU-Version--Weiß/Schwarz EDWAYBUYZ11PRO
realme X50 Pro 5G Smartphone 8GB+128GB 65W SuperDart Charge EU-Version--Moosgrün/Rostrot REALMEX50
realme 6 Pro 64MP 20fach-Zoom-Vierfachkamera 90Hz Bildschirm 8GB+128GB EU Version 4G Phablet REALME6PROED

To take advantage of these coupon codes, click on the following link: Edwaybuy promo
Then choose one of the products for which a coupon code may apply and add the coupon code at the step before payment.


I've taken part of their catalogue below to give you an idea of what Edwaybuy offers. Most of these products are sent from Germany and are available for France or other European countries.

[coupon file="edwaybuy.json"]

Some of their hot products: mi band 4, mi band 5, amazfit bip, redmi note 9, poco f2 pro

Update 07/07/2020

I placed a second order on Edwaybuy and bought the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite but I received the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite, the name is almost the same but it is not the same device. So I contacted customer service who gave me a return number and an address in Germany to return the phone. They paid the return shipping costs and the phone I ordered arrived one day after I returned the phone. Edwaybuy handled the situation very well and I got a quick response to my problem.

My opinion/opinion about Edwaybuy

Edwaybuy is a small player in the Chinese e-commerce sector, so this site cannot be compared to Gearbest or Aliexpress but it is not a bad thing. The catalog is not very extensive but the prices are generally very low and sometimes even among the lowest on the market. They have stock in Europe and can therefore deliver quickly without having to pay customs duties. So I'm quite happy to have discovered this site.

Edwaybuy is also active on other sites such as Cdiscount in France, they have a score of 4.6/6 for more than 30000 sales, the opinions are therefore rather positive. I will continue to buy from them and I will adapt this article according to my experience.

Feel free to share your good and not so good experiences below, I would just ask you to remain courteous. I want to make it clear that I don't work for Edwaybuy, they didn't pay me to write this article.

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