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UGREEN HiTune X6 ANC : test / review

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UGREEN HiTune X6 ANC : test / review

Published on: 24-12-2021 / Modified: 24-12-2021

UGREEN est une société chinoise spécialisée dans toutes sortes d'accessoires comme les cables de rechargement, des chargeurs mais également des écouteurs sans fil. Je connaissais surtout UGREEN pour ses cables, je n'étais pas conscient qu'ils commercialisaient également des écouteurs mais visiblement ce n'est pas une nouvelle ligne de produits chez eux car je vois qu'ils proposent 7 écouteurs différents sur leur site (HiTune X6, HiTune X5, HiTune T2, HiTune T1, ...).

Je vais tester les HiTune X6 qui semblent être la gamme d'écouteurs la plus aboutie chez UGREEN. J'ai testé 3 autres marques d'écouteurs avant celle-ci, je vais donc pouvoir comparer ces écouteurs de chez UGREEN avec d'autres marques.


Les UGREEN HiTune X6 ANC sont disponibles au prix de 59.99€ sur Amazon mais vous pouvez faire tomber ce prix à 42.99€ avec le code 28HITUNEX6 et le coupon lié au produit (jusqu'au 10 janvier).

Profitez de l'offre sur Amazon: offre UGREEN HiTune X6 ANC


ugreen x6 HiTune test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling photo sun 1

I always say that the packaging has no bearing on the quality of the product, but it does give an indication of the product's positioning. These UGREEN headphones are clearly not positioned at the lower end of the market and in any case, features like ANC are generally not available in entry-level headphones or the feature is not effective. UGREEN makes a strong claim about their ANC by announcing a noise reduction of 35 dB!

The box contains the headphones, their charging case, a USB cable, a manual and different sized ear tips to better fit in your ear.


ugreen x6 HiTune test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling photo sun 13

The UGREEN HiTune X6 are earbuds that will provide a smooth connection to your ear canal. This kind of earphone takes up a bit more space than the non-tipped models, so you need to find the right size of tip to avoid the earphones coming out of your ears too quickly. The external part is touch-sensitive and allows you to control the earphones with several pre-configured features (see below). The touch approach works well even if there is a small latency before something happens and it takes some getting used to the "rhythm" when you have to use several touches to get to the gaming/music mode for example. If you don't go fast enough the music will simply pause (1 touch).

Tactile features:
Left earphones (L):
1 touch = play music / pause
2 touches = decrease volume
3 touches = go back to previous song
4 contacts = switch from game mode to music mode and vice versa

Left earphones (R):
1 contact = play music / pause
2 contacts = increase volume
3 contacts = go to the next song
4 contacts = switch from game mode to music mode and vice versa

In telephony: 1 touch to pick up, 1 touch to hang up
Voice assistant: 1 long press of 2 seconds on any earphone
ANC/Noise Reduction: 1 long press on either earpiece

Some of these commands will be confirmed by a voice in English. These commands are not configurable.


ugreen x6 HiTune test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling photo sun 9

Bluetooth 5.1
Bluetooh profile: HSP, HFP, ACRCP, A2DP
Frequency range: 20hz-20Khz
Battery life: 6 hours continuous use, 26 hours with the case
Charging time: 90 minutes for the headphones, 120 minutes for the case
Waterproofing: IPX5
Cable type: Type-C
Low latency: 50 ms
Noise reduction: 35 dB
Bluetooth range: 10m
Codecs: AAC, SBC

The characteristics are quite similar to the other earphones I tested, the latency is a little better than the Black Shark BS-T1, the autonomy is quite similar to the others but it is especially at the level of the noise reduction that these earphones distinguish themselves. I tested other earphones with noise reduction but this reduction was either not present or not as effective. If I listen to music at a low volume (e.g., 30%) with noise reduction on, I can barely hear the keys on my keyboard, whereas with the other headphones I tested, I can still hear my keyboard very clearly. It's hard for me to estimate if the noise reduction reaches the advertised 35dB but I'd say it should cover at least 20dB.

The range is good but it will depend strongly on the obstacles that will separate you from the sound source. If I move beyond 10 meters without obstacle, the transmission will continue beyond 10m or even 15 meters. On the other hand, if a big wall is on the road, the range will quickly drop (even under 10 meters).

I don't have a tool to test the latency, so my judgment is subjective. I tested playing videos on YouTube with high-definition streams and found no lag between sound and image. I tested some mobile games as well, I didn't notice any lag there either.

My experience

ugreen x6 HiTune test review avis recensione prueba opinion beoordeling photo sun 12

I'm not one to walk around with headphones everywhere I go, I use my headphones mainly when I'm playing sports or when I want to cut through the ambient noise. The fit of the earphones is therefore an important criterion because I don't want to lose an earphone when I'm cycling. The HiTune X6 fit fairly well in the ear if you use the right tip, I can jump, run and shake my head without the earphones falling out. However, if I yawn or have to open my jaw quite a bit, I feel the earphones slide out.

The sound quality is good, I find that the sound is very clean and well "cut", I do not feel that the sounds are mixed when many different sounds occur at the same time. The bass sounds are quite deep, the highs could probably be a little finer but the result is more than correct for headphones of this size.

The touch controls work well but I would have configured them differently. For example, you have to touch the earphone three times to move to the next song when it is a very common command, I would have preferred it to be more accessible.

My review

Unlike other products I test, I do not have a technical protocol to test the quality of the headphones, so my review will be a subjective impression that I can compare with other headphones I tested. The UGREEN HiTune X6 are pretty much on the high end of what I've tested so far. These headphones deliver good sound at all frequencies, they fit well in the ear (as long as you don't yawn) and the noise reduction works much better than most other headphones I've tested.

These earphones are sold at a price between 60 and 70€ at the time of writing, there are many earphones in this price range and below

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