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Blitzwolf BW-WA3 Pro 120W: test / review

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Blitzwolf BW-WA3 Pro 120W: test / review

Published on: 18-07-2022 / Modified: 19-07-2022

I test all kinds of products for media consumption (smartphone, projector, ...) but I had not yet tested a bluetooth speaker. I have used several to test my various projectors but I have never written an article on this type of product. With the summer holidays, I thought it might be interesting to test this kind of product because I see more and more people using bluetooth speakers everywhere, whether at the beach or in the middle of nature and sometimes to the detriment of the tranquility of others. The loudspeaker that I am going to test here will undoubtedly appeal to an audience looking for power because the Blitzwolf is designed to make noise, a lot of noise.

Where to buy?

The Blitzwolf BW-WA3 Pro bluetooth speaker is available on sale at Banggood for around €140.

To take advantage of it: Blitzwolf BW-WA3 120W on Banggood
There is also a 100W version which costs a little less.

Il existe également d'autres promos pour les enceintes portables ici: Promo enceintes portables sur Banggood

There are also other promos for portable speakers here: Promotion portable speakers on Banggood


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The Blitzwolf speaker is quite large and what also surprised me was its weight, it weighs 2.6kg. The box contains the speaker, a strap to be able to carry it on the shoulder, a manual, a USB-C cable and an audio jack cable.

Product presentation

blitzwolf bw wa 3 pro test review avis recensione prueba opinion%20 beoordeling 9

The BlitzWolf BW-WA3 Pro is massive and has an almost military aesthetic, it does not leave too much doubt about its intentions, the brutality can be guessed from its design. It is equipped with 2 subwoofers (one on each side) and 2 tweeters.
blitzwolf bw wa 3 pro test review avis recensione prueba opinion%20 beoordeling 22

The subwoofers take on a different color depending on the type and intensity of the sound, the light is not configurable but will create an atmosphere for those using it in the evening.

blitzwolf bw wa 3 pro test review avis recensione prueba opinion%20 beoordeling 14

On the top of the speaker there are several buttons:
- on/off
- EQ: three type of sound configurations (heavy bass, voice, 3D mode). There is a small LED light that indicates which mode you are in (green for voice, blue for 3D)
- TWS: allows to operate 2 Blitzwolf BW-WA3 together
blitzwolf bw wa 3 pro test review avis recensione prueba opinion%20 beoordeling 19

I imagine that the Bluetooth connection will be the most common use to stream sound to the speaker but you also have other possibilities with a jack input, a USB C and A port to recharge your devices and a card reader memory to read local files. The speaker has a 16000mAh battery which will allow you to listen to sound for ten hours or charge a phone for 3 to 6 hours.


As you will have understood, this product is designed to play music wherever you go, but not only. You can also use this speaker as a battery to charge your devices via USB. You can also use the Bluetooth connection to stream the sound of your calls directly to the speaker.


youtube previewyoutube preview

To test this Bluetooth speaker I used music with a fairly high volume, I also reviewed the three audio modes to illustrate their effect on the sound. The basic sound is focused on low frequencies to such an extent that the sound resembles a succession of strong percussion, the subwoofer mebranes then begin to vibrate very strongly. The vocal mode offers a better rendering on the treble but it is clear that this speaker is especially optimized to make volume on the low frequencies, it is brutal.

I placed a dB meter next to the speaker and I obtained maximum values ​​between 115 and 120 dB, it's so violent that I had to use headphones to protect my ears. 120 db is the equivalent of an airliner taking off except that here the sound remains at this volume level. This speaker was clearly designed to make noise, it is not about finesse.


The Blitzwolf BW-WA3 Pro is not a speaker for demanding music lovers, rather it is intended to be used for a party atmosphere or to broadcast music outdoors. It delivers an ultra-powerful sound but has lower quality on high frequencies, the voice mode improves the quality on this type of frequency but here too, power dominates.

Besides its main function, the Blitzwolf BW-WA3 Pro can also be used as a portable battery to recharge your devices if you are in the middle of nature, you can also receive your calls if you want to start a conversation with several people.

The battery range is quite good because at a normal volume, you can listen to ten hours of music. This battery range will obviously go down if you push the sound at the maximum volume all the time.

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