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Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 : best price


Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 : best price

Published on: 11-12-2022 / Modified: 11-12-2022
If you're looking for a cheaper Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2, you've hit the right place! The price for this excellent projector has gone down recently but by using my link, you can make it go even lower! The following screenshot shows that you can get it for less than 2000€ (around 2100$).


How can you get this price ?
1. Go to Banggood with the following link: Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2
2. Add the product to the cart
3. Click on View cart & checkout
4. Click on proceed to checkout
5. In the field for coupons, enter BGd90ba6 and validate
You should now see the price with the reduction appear...Order and enjoy!

If you want more information about this projector, you can read my complete review here:
Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 : test / review
In this price range, it is the best laser projector you can get!

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