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RobotUp robot lawn mower: reviews

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About Robot Up
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RobotUp robot lawn mower: reviews

Published on: 24-02-2023 / Modified: 15-04-2023
Don't like mowing your lawn and/or have a large lawn? Perhaps you should consider buying a robotic lawnmower to make your life easier. The solution seems simple enough but don't go for it, these products are quite expensive and you have to know what you are buying. I'm going to focus on a product I found on Kickstarter and give you as much info as possible to help you decide. I'll add a few things to look out for.

About Robot Up

Robot Up is a Chinese product, it is a new brand and so you should always do some checking before buying.

The company's address is as follows:
Room 603, Building 6, Area 48, Science and Technology Park, No.8 Kewei Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
On the map you can see that this is an office building, so it is not where the robots are produced.
robotup location

The RobotUp trademark was registered in April 2022: https://www.trademarkelite.com/trademark/trademark-detail/97388023/ROBOUP
The registration was handled by a US-based lawyer. Registering a trademark shows that they want to protect a brand and that they want to continue to exist. Fraudsters don't usually bother to do that. However, this is not a strong enough signal, you have to combine this information with other information.

I have contacted the company to get more information about them. I will publish it as soon as I have it. I will do some more research in parallel.

Why this mower

robotup test avis review opionion recensione 2

This ultra-adaptable robotic mower is equipped with state-of-the-art wireless perimeter technology that allows it to move freely around your garden without the need for bulky perimeter wires or expensive guide posts. Here's an overview of RobocUp's strengths and weaknesses, as well as what to look for when buying a robotic lawnmower.

RoboUp strengths:
* Advanced perimeter wireless technology that eliminates the need for bulky perimeter wires or expensive guide posts.
* Advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms to detect the boundaries of your lawn and avoid obstacles, while ensuring an even and accurate cut.
* Ultra-adaptable, it can be used on all lawns, large or small, flat or hilly.
* RTK GPS positioning, the robot's position is calculated by GPS and with the help of the robot's charging station for more accurate positioning
* Anti-theft system (PIN code lock in case of theft)

Weaknesses of RoboUp:
* High prices compared to more basic robotic mowers.
* Risk inherent in crowdfunding campaigns
* Autonomy of one hour and no indication on the speed of mowing
* 2 wheel system (4 would have been more practical)

What should you think about before buying this type of robot?
1. Lawn size: there are two models, one for a 1000m² lawn and one for a 2000m² lawn. I'm not sure it's worth buying this type of product for a small area. The cost/area ratio would not be favourable.
2. Relief of the lawn: no indication on the capacity of the RobotUp to manage relief and the few test videos are made on perfectly flat ground.
3. Type of grass
4. Battery capacity, running time and battery charging time. The website mentions a running time of 60 minutes and 60 minutes charge for the t1000 model, 80 minutes running and 120 minutes charge for the t2000 model. This would seem to indicate that the mowing speed is different. The first would have a speed of 16 square metres per minute and the other a speed of 25m² per minute. This seems to me to be too high, the robot will probably return to its station before it finishes.
5. Adjustable cutting height: the site mentions 3 to 6 cm.
6. GPS navigation system: this is an RTK GPS, this type of GPS is also used in the agricultural industry for the automation of large areas.
7. Noise level: the site indicates 56dB. If you have a large lawn, you will probably not hear anything when the robot is running.
8. Price: in addition to the price, you will also have to add the delivery costs and possibly taxes if the package is sent outside the economic area in which you are located. For Europe, it seems that the shipment is made from Romania, this will already avoid the payment of additional taxes.

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List of similar products with their strengths and weaknesses:
Husqvarna Automower: This robotic mower is equipped with a GPS navigation system, which makes it ideal for large lawns. Cependant, elle est plus chère que d'autres tondeuses robotisées similaires. Pour une surface équivalente, il faut envisager le HUSQVARNA AUTOMOWER® 310 Mark II qui coûte environ 1800€.

Worx Landroid: This robotic mower is very affordable and comes with an app that allows you to control the mower remotely. For a surface of 1000m², their model will cost less than the RobotUp. It remains to be seen whether the detection is as effective.

Link to this mower at Amazon: Worx Landroid

Technical data

- Area: 1000-2000m²
- Cutting height: 3-6 cm
- Cutting width: 20 cm
- Battery capacity: 2.5-5 Ah


- Height: 25cm
- Width: 42cm
- Length: 62cm
- Weight: 10kg


It is important to note that the purchase of a crowdfunding product can present risks. Indeed, it is not guaranteed that the product will be delivered on time, or even that it will be delivered at all. It is therefore important to be well informed about the project and the company before deciding to invest in a crowdfunding product.

I don't have all the information yet to assess the level of risk but I will update when I have more information. This robot looks very interesting on paper, it's not really the first product of its kind as the company that sells it claims, but it's the kind of product I would probably buy if I had a bigger lawn.

Want to take advantage of the offer?
RobotUp on Kickstarter

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